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170.10 – Forgery in the second degree

§ 170.10 Forgery in the second degree.

A person is guilty of forgery in the second degree when, with intent
to defraud, deceive or injure another, he falsely makes, completes or
alters a written instrument which is or purports to be, or which is
calculated to become or to represent if completed:

1. A deed, will, codicil, contract, assignment, commercial instrument,
credit card, as that term is defined in subdivision seven of section
155.00, or other instrument which does or may evidence, create,
transfer, terminate or otherwise affect a legal right, interest,
obligation or status; or

2. A public record, or an instrument filed or required or authorized
by law to be filed in or with a public office or public servant; or

3. A written instrument officially issued or created by a public
office, public servant or governmental instrumentality; or

4. Part of an issue of tokens, public transportation transfers,
certificates or other articles manufactured and designed for use as
symbols of value usable in place of money for the purchase of property
or services; or

5. A prescription of a duly licensed physician or other person
authorized to issue the same for any drug or any instrument or device
used in the taking or administering of drugs for which a prescription is
required by law.

Forgery in the second degree is a class D felony.

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