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170.50 – Unlawfully using slugs; definitions of terms

§ 170.50 Unlawfully using slugs; definitions of terms.

The following definitions are applicable to sections 170.55 and

1. “Coin machine” means a coin box, turnstile, vending machine or
other mechanical or electronic device or receptacle designed (a) to
receive a coin or bill or a token made for the purpose, and (b) in
return for the insertion or deposit thereof, automatically to offer, to
provide, to assist in providing or to permit the acquisition of some
property or some service.

2. “Slug” means an object or article which, by virtue of its size,
shape or any other quality, is capable of being inserted or deposited in
a coin machine as an improper substitute for a genuine coin, bill or

3. “Value” of a slug means the value of the coin, bill or token for
which it is capable of being substituted.

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