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85.00 – Sentence of intermittent imprisonment

§ 85.00 Sentence of intermittent imprisonment.

  1. Definition. A sentence of intermittent imprisonment is a revocable
    sentence of imprisonment to be served on days or during certain periods
    of days, or both, specified by the court as part of the sentence. A
    person who receives a sentence of intermittent imprisonment shall be
    incarcerated in the institution to which he is committed at such times
    as are specified by the court in the sentence.
  2. Authorization for use of sentence. The court may impose a sentence
    of intermittent imprisonment in any case where:
    (a) the court is imposing sentence, upon a person other than a second
    or persistent felony offender, for a class D or class E felony or for
    any offense that is not a felony; and
    (b) the court is not imposing any other sentence of imprisonment upon
    the defendant at the same time; and
    (c) the defendant is not under any other sentence of imprisonment with
    a term in excess of fifteen days imposed by any other court; and
  3. Duration of sentence. A sentence of intermittent imprisonment may
    be for any term that could be imposed as a definite sentence of
    imprisonment for the offense for which such sentence is imposed. The
    term of the sentence shall commence on the day it is imposed and shall
    be calculated upon the basis of the duration of its term, rather than
    upon the basis of the days spent in confinement, so that no person shall
    be subject to any such sentence for a period that is longer than a
    period that commences on the date the sentence is imposed and ends on
    the date the term of the longest definite sentence for the offense would
    have expired, after deducting the credit that would have been applicable
    to a definite sentence for jail time but without regard to any credit
    authorized to be allowed against the term of a definite sentence for
    good behavior. The provisions of section five hundred-l of the
    correction law shall not be applicable to a sentence of intermittent
  4. Imposition of sentence. (a) When the court imposes a sentence of
    intermittent imprisonment the court shall specify in the sentence:
    (i) that the court is imposing a sentence of intermittent
    (ii) the term of such sentence;
    (iii) the days or parts of days on which the sentence is to be served,
    but except as provided in paragraph (iv) hereof such specification need
    not include the dates on which such days fall; and
    (iv) the first and last dates on which the defendant is to be
    incarcerated under the sentence.
    (b) The court, in its discretion, may specify any day or days or parts
    thereof on which the defendant shall be confined and may specify a
    period to commence at the commencement of the sentence and not to exceed
    fifteen days during which the defendant is to be continuously confined.
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